Protect your bike’s engine.

FilterMags for Spin-on Filters

SS Series for Sportbikes

Install FilterMag SS-250 or SS-300 in pairs on your spin-on oil filter for Full Engine Protection. Choose the right FilterMag based on your oil filter’s outside diameter.

Custom MC/MB FilterMags for
American Motorcycles

American motorcycles don’t have room to install a pair of FilterMags. The FilterMag MC-300 and MB-300 are designed for a single FilterMag installation. They have additional magnetic power and wrap around the oil filter more than an SS-300 to provide full protection for your bike’s engine.

The MC’s chrome face adds a beautiful custom touch to your bike. The MB has a stealthy, matte black face that looks great as is or can be painted to match your bike.

Filter Cutter

Don’t forget the Filter Cutter

Prove the effectiveness of FilterMag by inspecting your own filter. FilterMag’s Filter Cutter is a high-quality tool that makes fast work out of safely cutting open a spin-on filter.