Cars, Sports Cars, Street Rods

FilterMag preserves your investment by extending the life of your engine. Can’t get the oil changed on time? Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that FilterMag is at work removing wear-causing particles that your filter can’t catch.

Sport Trucks, Pickups, SUVs, RVs

Whether you own a sport truck, pickup, SUV, or RV, your engine works extra hard to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by extending the life of your engine with FilterMag.

American Motorcycles

FilterMag’s MC-300 and MB-300 were especially designed for American Motorcycles. Either chrome or all black look great on the bike, and their extra magnetic surface area gives you maximum engine protection for a single FilterMag application.

Sport Bikes

High-revving, sophisticated machinery need the extra protection FilterMag can provide. Include FilterMag in your maintenance program to ensure that you are doing all you can to prolong the life of your engine.

Boats, Watercraft, ATVs

Whether you have a V-8 ski boat, an outboard, a high-revving jet ski or ATV, FilterMag can help extend the life of your engine and protect your investment.

FilterMags go Racing

Concentrate on Your Driving. FilterMag will protect the drivetrain. Building an engine? Don’t forget the FilterMags especially through the critical break-in.