Use the same FilterMag technology that protects your engine and automatic transmission for your differential and manual transmission.

While your manual transmission, differential, or transfer case does the hard work of putting power to the ground, normal wear generates tiny steel particles that circulate in the lubricating oil oil. As the oil continues to circulate, these same particles are carried into every lubricated space. This particle-laden oil will continue to lubricate, but will also contribute to increased wear while it circulates. The longer the oil is used, the greater the wear.

Maximum Protection


Internal Installation Only

Dimensions: 2.0 in (51mm) X 1.3 in (32mm)

The GP-101

Don’t let its small size fool you. This is one very powerful magnet. Attach one on the inside cover of your differential and manual transmission.

Great insurance after a rebuild.

It can be very difficult to thoroughly clean a manual transmission or rear axle housing during a rebuild because of all of the inaccessible areas. A GP-101 is great insurance to trap remaining metal particles and help prolong the life of your drivetrain.

Catch metal from a failing bearing before it ruins other components.

A failed axle bearing can quickly contaminate and destroy other final drive components. A GP-101 may just contain enough of the damage before it turns into a very costly repair.

Check component condition during servicing.

If during servicing excessive amount of particles are observed trapped by a GP-101, it probably indicates a component that is in the process of failure. The GP-101 is great for performance vehicles where periodic inspection is made to drivetrain components.