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Indian Motorcycle Owner:  I just received the FilterMag for my new 2020 Indian Roadmaster yesterday. I was shocked at how fast this was delivered From AZ to Ontario Canada in just a few days. I have never received such fast delivery service from any company. I was very pleased because I just had my bike’s 1st service done and was hoping for this FilterMag to be in…and it was! This product is a must for all new vehicles as it performs perfectly. The FilterMag withholds fine metal shavings that occur when the engine is new and well after the break-in period. It will allow for no shavings to return through the oil passages and cause further damage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that purchases a new vehicle or a rebuilt engine. Better safe than sorry in the long run. After all, for the high cost of vehicles today, it’s worth the investment of a FilterMag. Thank you FilterMag for the fast delivery service you provided!
R. Chase, Cambridge, Ontario
After60miles_5542 B4rockerChange30milies_5545455 Oldsmobile Engine Rebuild: The customer requested partial roller rocker arms to be installed on a Oldsmobile 455 rebuild. The rocker balls were incorrectly sized from the supplier and did not fully seat in the rocker arm. As a result, immediate rocker arm wear resulted in a significant amount of particles generated that were caught by FilterMag. The first filter was changed after only 30 miles, then the rockers were changed. The second filter was changed at 60 miles to replace the break-in oil.
Tony’s Rocket Garage, Phoenix, AZ
John-Holmes-Racing-PhotoWe use Filtermags on our Baja winning off-road race trucks because we know they work to protect our engines. We are very particular with our race trucks and quite frankly, if they did not work we would not use them.
John Holmes, Five time Baja 1000 winner
442cutaway_5406455 Olds engine rebuild after 500 miles: A pair of FilterMag SS365s pulled a lot of wear-in metal particles out of the oil stream that would have worked its way thru the filter media to circulate back thru the engine causing damage. Our shop will be using FilterMag’s on all future engine builds in the interest of protecting the owner’s investment and providing a long lasting high quality engine build.
Tony’s Rocket Garage, Phoenix, AZ
Racing Stock Car: Greatly improves the filtration process of my engines. It keeps us running for 500 brutal miles.
D. Morrison, Driver for Barnett Transportation in Class 8100 Stock-Full Size, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Extends Engine Life: It takes two seconds to install, costs nothing to maintain, and will last forever, helping to extend the life of my engine.
J. Smith, Los Angeles, CA
RV Installation: I purchased a FilterMAG for my RV. Once I saw how much cleaner my oil stayed, I decided to “snap” on one my diesel gas filter as well.
B. Bays, Ventura, CA
Baja Bug Race Car: I will never race my Baja Bug in SCORE Off Road without my FilterMAG!
Billy G., Lake Havasu City, AZ
New Speed Boat: My wife Diane and I purchased a brand new speedboat. I installed an HP365 FilterMAG on my boat and ran it for only 20 hours—the amount of particles it caught was amazing! I will never run my boat again without my FilterMAG.
G. Farachi, Norco, CA
Mac Truck Owner: I use two big Mack trucks in my materials handling business. I “snapped” FilterMags on each of them. After 6,000 miles I cut the filter(s) open. The Mack mechanic and I were both so amazed at the amount of particles the FilterMag trapped! I immediately bought FilterMags for my new Advantage boat and all my other vehicles.
Joe C., Simi Valley, CA
Amsoil Dealer: Being an Amsoil dealer I thought my oil was as clean as it could ever be. Then I used a FilterMAG. can’t believe there was that much “junk” still in my oil that was missed by my filter.
Carleton A.
testimonial-jasonwilmon-1Racing Engine Saved: I am running a 415 SBC with a 106mm turbo on alcohol, making apprx 1500 hp. My converter was balloning and putting excessive forward thrust on the crankshaft, and when took the manifold off to inspect everything for the winter, we noticed some copper in the lifter valley. We disassembled the short block and found the thrust bearing completely eaten away, and the crank was walking forward so bad that it stacked the #2 and the #3 main bearings, and was also eating into the main webbing of the block and caps. We are running a Fram HP4 filter and cut it open to find that the filtermag caught an amazing amount of metal. I mean amazing. Every bearing except the two spun main bearings and the thrust bearing was in perfect shape….nothing else was hurt. I know that without the FilterMags, my engine would not have lived. It’s the cheapest insurance you can buy.
Jason Willmon