testimonial-jasonwilmon-1Racing Engine Saved: I am running a 415 SBC with a 106mm turbo on alcohol, making apprx 1500 hp. My converter was balloning and putting excessive forward thrust on the crankshaft, and when took the manifold off to inspect everything for the winter, we noticed some copper in the lifter valley. We disassembled the short block and found the thrust bearing completely eaten away, and the crank was walking forward so bad that it stacked the #2 and the #3 main bearings, and was also eating into the main webbing of the block and caps. We are running a Fram HP4 filter and cut it open to find that the filtermag caught an amazing amount of metal. I mean amazing. Every bearing except the two spun mainĀ bearings and the thrust bearing was in perfect shape….nothing else was hurt. I know that without the FilterMags, my engine would not have lived. It’s the cheapest insurance you can buy.
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