Indian Motorcycle Owner:  I just received the FilterMag for my new 2020 Indian Roadmaster yesterday. I was shocked at how fast this was delivered From AZ to Ontario Canada in just a few days. I have never received such fast delivery service from any company. I was very pleased because I just had my bike’s 1st service done and was hoping for this FilterMag to be in…and it was! This product is a must for all new vehicles as it performs perfectly. The FilterMag withholds fine metal shavings that occur when the engine is new and well after the break-in period. It will allow for no shavings to return through the oil passages and cause further damage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that purchases a new vehicle or a rebuilt engine. Better safe than sorry in the long run. After all, for the high cost of vehicles today, it’s worth the investment of a FilterMag. Thank you FilterMag for the fast delivery service you provided!
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