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Maximum Engine Protection…in a SNAP!

FilterMags for Spin-on Filters

FilterMag SS

There is a FilterMag SS to fit nearly every engine that has a spin-on oil filter. FilterMags are sold in pairs to encircle the filter for full protection. This ensures that all of the particles flowing through the oil filter are exposed to FilterMag’s magnetic field.

All SS products are the same price. Buy the model that fits your filter.

Custom FilterMag MC/MB

The FilterMag MC has a chrome plated face, and the FilterMag MB has a stealthy, matte black face that can be used as is or painted. Both the MC and MB wrap around the filter further and have additional magnetic power than the SS-300. They look great on streetrods and American motorcycles.

for Automatic Transmissions

FilterMag TM360/180

The FilterMag TM360 and TM180 are designed to snap externally on automatic transmission fluid pans. Select the TM360 with double the magnetic power for full protection.

for Differentials and Gearboxes

FilterMag GP101

The FilterMag GP101 is a powerful bare magnet that must be be installed internally on the inside cover of differentials and gearboxes during servicing.

FilterMag’s Filter Cutter

Prove the effectiveness of FilterMag by inspecting your own filter. FilterMag’s Filter Cutter is a high-quality tool that makes fast work out of safely cutting open a spin-on filter.